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Wholesale Handmade Oil Painting On Canvas,Direct From Our Studio, No Middleman !

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Here are some feedbacks and testimonials from our clients. They are express their views about our work. If you are our client and have any views, please mail to:

I was very surprised at the high quality of their paintings; the cost available, I was not expecting such fine items. I have not been treated with such prompt and efficient service at any other online shopping website ever. Very prompt and polite service. I loved the merchandise. Will definitely shop with them again.
Alex N., Chicago, USA

Excellent service, beautiful products ¡ª a totally satisfactory shopping experience!
Stephen B., Florida, USA

The painting I ordered looks great in my home. The proofs on the internet don't do the real painting justice. The work is incredible. Thank you for putting so much care into the presentation and delivery of paintings; you've ensured that I'll be making purchases from your gallery in the future!
Rie, Denver, USA

I just received painting and quite honesly I am very impressed with it. I will tell all my friends about your web site and the excellent quality of your paintings and fast service I received.
Jen, Canada

Very satisfied. They made it so easy. Quick delivery. Looks great on the wall. We will cooperate with you in future!
Wendy G., New Albany, USA

I loved your site. I appreciated your friendly e-mails and the quick response to shipping my order. Thank you. It is much appreciated. My package arrived on time, the recipients said they were pleased. The site is great, easy tonavigate and very aesthetically pleasing.
Sydney, Holland

I just received the paintings... they are great! Thank you for very much, I was pleased to cooperate with you! Many thanks to you company. The painting is just beautiful... I look forward to ordering from your company in the future... Your workmanship is excellent and the price is most reasonable!
Bob P., Stamford, USA

It arrived last evening, and it is beautiful. I am very satisfied. I am having a party tonight and can't wait to show it off, framed or not. Thank you so much for the prompt service.
Jeanne, Venice, USA

They arrived safely yesterday. We are very happy with them and eager to get them framed and hung. An exquisite piece of work and I am delighted to have it.
Finola, Middlesex, England

We purchased a great painting by Swidkiy Andrey and received it today... We really love it! The delivery was free which was a real bonus. It arrived promptly and is beautifully mounted and presented. The whole buying experience was a pleasure, and quite addictive!
Wes, Australia

Buying the oil painting was a very pleasant experience. I would certainly recommend 2Art Gallery to anyone looking for quality artwork.
Carmen, USA

Today I received my paintings... I'll to cooperate with you again, because you are always friendly, always proffessional. Thank you for your services and wonderful paintings.
Dave, UK

I wanted to let you know that the artworks were delivered yesterday morning. I wish to thank you, as always, for the extremely prompt shipment. Again, I am absolutely delighted with the paintings. They are magnificent and each time I find something new to discover and admire in them. I am amazed by the talent of these artists who deserve more international recognition.
Philip, USA

I received my painting yesterday, and I want to thank you all very much. It has been an extremely pleasant transaction throughout. The responsive emails, the time and care taken to package my small painting so beautifully, and the thoughtful letter from your director that accompanied the shipment were all excellent details. I will keep an eye on your site and intend to shop there again for gifts for family and friends.
Bryan & Heidi, Washington, USA

Thank you. Fast delivery and great communication. Painting is great. Excellent service,safe and prompt delivery of a lovely picture.
Dorothy, Pennsylvania, USA

Prompt delivery, excellent packaging, delighted with purchase... I'm 100% happy!
Helen, Nova Scotia

Thank you very much. It arrived in time as a birthday gift for a dear friend of mine - she absolutely loved it. Thanks again for replying with updates on the delivery process. Thanks for your help & your speedy service. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.
Clarence, California, USA

Thank you for the free shipping. I received my order and I am completely satisfied. Thank you very much for your assistance and speedy service. Your company has been a pleasure to work with. I will purchase from you again and recommend your company to others. Thank you.
Randolph, New Jersey, USA

I received the two paintings yesterday, all as expected ¡ª let me just say that so far I'm extremely impressed by the level of service.
Andrew Sinetar, New York, USA

I just received the painting I ordered last week by Adrey Shwidkiy, and wanted to thank you for getting it to me so quickly. Have a great holiday. Thank you very much for your service.
Diane Gorny, Belgium, Brussels

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Monet, Claude
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Klimt, Gustav
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Arcimboldo, Giuseppe
Bazille, Jean Frederic
Beraud, Jean
Bierstadt, Albert
Boucher, Francois
Cassatt, Mary
Chase, William Merritt
Church, Frederic Edwin
Copley, John Singleton
David, Jacques Louis
Degas, Edgar
Delacroix, Eugene
Gauguin, Paul
Gerome, Jean-Leon
Godward, John William
Goya, Francisco de
Heade, Martin Johnson
Ingres, Jean-Auguste
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Millais, John Everett
Mucha, Alphonse Maria
Munier, Emile
Waterhouse, John William

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